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"Who knew that the bankruptcy process was so easy?! "
~Samantha - Saanich

"Both my wife and I had to declare bankruptcy. Afterwards, I realized that my parents needed to go bankrupt as well. It was good to have a relationship with a Trustee that I knew would treat my parents with the respect they deserve. "
~Charlie and Candice - Sooke

About Debt Relief Victoria:

Debt Relief Victoria

How can we help you find Debt Relief in Victoria, British Columbia?

Chartered Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals are ready to help you find credit and debt relief here in Victoria BC.  C.E. Craig & Associates Inc., have been offering bankruptcy and  insolvency advice for over 15 years in Victoria where we offer free in-person consultations to help you understand which financial options are available to you. These allow us to develop individual plans and outline how to get beyond your financial difficulties.

We offer in person interviews where we explore your personal family budgets plus your on-going cash and personal needs.  From here we can tailor a plan that works for you including having you manage your own solution while following our budget plan, or entering into a formal creditor debt repayment plan where the payments you make to your creditors are based on your monthly cash flow rather than the demands of each creditor.  If in some cases, if you are only able to meet your basic living expenses, then a bankruptcy may the best solution for you.

Most Canadians have never been in the position where they have had to think about debt relief by considering bankruptcy and what it’s all about.  Unfortunately, with record levels of personal debt in Canada, an increasing number of Canadians are finding themselves in a difficult financial position. If you are looking for information about personal bankruptcy or types of debt relief in general, in Victoria, C.E. Craig & Associates Inc. bankruptcy trustees can help.  Debt Relief Solutions right here in Victoria BC are just an email away.  Explore your Vancouver Island debt relief options and decide if filing for bankruptcy in Victoria is the solution for you.

Once you are in debt, solutions tailored to your individual needs are important so that you can stay on your financial path.  Colleen Craig, CA, CIRP, of C.E. Craig & Associates Inc help you find debt solutions that fit your personal situation that you can afford. We offer extended office hours in Victoria B.C. so if you are travelling from the Gulf Islands, Mill Bay, Duncan. Langford or the extended Western Communities we will be her to meet you in personal to provide personal bankruptcy and consumer proposal services.  And best of all the first initial consultation with our staff is provided FREE

It is important to remember that even if your financial situation seems hopeless, filing for Canada bankruptcy may not be your only option.  Who can you look to for help?  Colleen Craig is a bankruptcy trustee located in Victoria British Columba. Colleen and her staff at C.E. Craig & Associates Inc. specialize in helping people put their finances back in order. They are skilled and well trained debt management professionals, who can help solve your debt puzzle at any stage.

You may have only recently fallen behind on your bills and are only late on a payment or two; in this case a more manageable personal or household budget might be the solution.  If your situation has worsened and you have larger amounts of debt to deal with along with significant assets that you’d like to preserve, a consumer proposal might be a good fit for your needs.  For some, bankruptcy is the only option – but even bankruptcy, if that is the option that you choose,  is not nearly as bad as you might believe – but you will have questions.

At your FREE initial consultation with our staff at C.E. Craig & Associates Inc. will answer all of your questions about debt relief and personal bankruptcy in Canada. By speaking to a trustee or credit counsellor, you’ll learn that it is possible to rebuild your credit and start over, despite what you may have heard.  You’ll learn there is life after bankruptcy and that it’s really a chance to start over.

Vancouver Island Trustees at Debt Relief Victoria are available to meet with you are your earliest convenience.  Trustees in Bankruptcy are among the most highly trained debt professionals in Canada and at C.E. Craig & Associates of Victoria we will treat you with professionalism and provide you with the respect that you deserve.

There are many options available to you to solve your financial puzzles.  Talk to a trustee in your area now for you free appointment to make sure that you understand all of your options.

Email Debt Relief Victoira and C.E. Craig & Associates Inc. today and fill out our First Step Evaluation Form to get started!

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