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2014-07-14 17:17:40

Summer Savings

There are some really easy but often overlooked ways to save a little extra in the summer. Here are 5 places to cut costs and save a little extra



  1. Turn of the Air Conditioning – You don’t have to suffer through sweltering heat, but an AC unit can dramatically drive up your utilities bill. Only use it when necessary, turn it off when you leave the house, and try to plan ahead. If you know it is going to be a cool night, open some windows and turn it off before bed. Don’t forget to replace your filters, as this can really up the efficiency of your unit.
  1. Cook Outside – Cooking inside generates heat in your home, promoting AC useage. Try to meal plan for dinners that can be cooked on the BBQ.       Summer is also a great time of year for fresh local produce and because it is in season it will be much cheaper than in the winter, so try and work it into your grilling plans


  1. Air dry your laundry – Dryers use a lot of energy, which is costly, whereas wind and sunshine are free. If there is no rain forecast for the day dry your laundry outside. If you don’t have a line, or have limited space (like a balcony) invest in a clothes horse . If the weather is bad try and keep your dryer use to off peak hours



  1. Plan ahead for future home and garden projects – Most major hardware stores will have a bug sale in June the week before Father’s Day. If you need tools or supplies for a home improvement project shopping this week can get you up to 50% off. Also keep an eye out for end of summer sales for gardening goods. As the season winds down landscaping tools, plants and patio furniture will all go on sale. If you have room to store it, consider stocking up for next summer while the process are low.